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  1. The class has an official FB page, I was just going to make a post on there pretty soon about the same thing since I'll be moving across the country lol
  2. Yeah, I got my acceptance earlier this month but I still have a couple of interviews coming up so I’m not sure where I’ll attend quite yet. Good luck!!!
  3. I was verified by CASPA on May 21 and then my app to UVU was verified and confirmed on June 30. I forgot about the supplemental and they had to remind me about it, so I didn’t get it in as early as I wanted but I think they’ve only had one round of interviews
  4. How was your interview and do you know if they are doing any more rounds???
  5. For anyone who interviewed and went to the campus tour the day before? Did you wear a suit or casual dress or what???
  6. Yeah, I thought that was stupid when I saw that. Honestly its a very new and small program so I wonder how many rounds of interviews they're gonna do. And I wonder if that many people applied lol. So far I haven't heard of anyone who has been told the interview was full but I would either get flight insurance for sure or cancel within 24 hours.
  7. Nice! How did you hear about the program??? I heard back a couple minutes after accepting my invite, I responded the them pretty soon after though haha.
  8. Any tips for the interview you guys?! Going in August 10th
  9. Did they give you a time frame on when they'd get back to you?
  10. I have an interview on August 10th and it said I should email a bio, updated resume, and send in a document they required us to fill out. I didn't see anything about passport photos??? Where was the instruction located on your interview invite?
  11. Submitted 5/21/2019, verified 5/23/2019, received an interview invite 6/10/2019 for June 24th. Anyone else???
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