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  1. It's just normal casual classroom attire. Jeans/t-shirt kind of stuff. I think they specifically asked us in the beginning to not wear jeans with lots of holes in them or low-cut tops/tanks. When you start with your physical exam skills in second semester athletic wear on those days (once a week) is recommended so it's easier to practice on each other. If you like to dress up though, you can also do that. Scrubs would be fine too. I've done that several times when I'm headed straight to work after class.
  2. In light of all the great sales happening and cyber Monday coming up, I thought I would post a PA school Christmas wishlist for you all. This is based on my UPAP-only experience, so getting a few opinions would be a good idea. Laptop v. Tablet: I don't know if Class 52 will be in person by the time you start in May or online like we are. So here are my thoughts. If you are in person for lecture, a 2:1 laptop/tablet combo would be less weight to carry around. If you are online, a computer/laptop for streaming lectures/taking tests and a tablet for taking notes would be ideal. If you h
  3. Hey Class 52! Just start your own class Facebook page. You don't have to wait to hear from Doris. Congratulations! For those of you on the waitlist, there is a guy in Class 51 who got called up the day before class started! So don't give up. For those of you who didn't make it this time, don't give up! Use this opportunity to better yourself, and come back next year ready to knock it out of the park!
  4. Good resource for A&P exam prep: The Noted Anatomist videos on YouTube.
  5. Hello! Yes! I did get accepted, and I don't know that it matters about date of preference. I believe the candidates are all chosen at or near the same time (doesn't matter if you are in the early dates or later dates for interviews). The majority of the acceptances go out at the same time. However, I do know that in the past they have offered early acceptance to one or two very select candidates immediately following interviews. It all goes very quickly though. I had my interview on a Thursday, and was notified of acceptance the following Monday. Good luck!
  6. Q: What's worse than waiting to find out if you got an interview? A: Being on the alternate list and having to wait even longer to find out if you get a chance. (happened to me last year) I feel you everyone! Hang in there!
  7. I don't know if this year will be different. With COVID who knows? Traditionally all the invitations are sent at the same time.
  8. Hi everyone! I know it's so stress-inducting to wait right now! To my knowledge, invitations to interview have not gone out yet. However, the admissions team is very organized. They run a tight ship, so take heart! It will be sent soon. In the meantime, here is the corrected URL for the current class demographics for your viewing pleasure. The URL on the website isn't working. https://medicine.utah.edu/dfpm/physician-assistant-studies/program/files/class-51-composite-demographics.pdf
  9. Well hello there fellow classmate! Hang in there folks! It's definitely a stressful time! Many of the staff are still working from home, so it may take a little longer to get the interview invitations sent. In the meantime, I posted some interview tips based on my interview and subsequent acceptance to Utah last year. I think it's on page 3 for reference. Good luck everyone! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
  10. You will be okay. They go through every application with a fine-tooth comb to make sure nothing is missed. I did this very thing last year, and was still okay too. Don't sweat it, and good luck friend!
  11. If you have enough other chem credit at a "C" grade or higher you should still be fine. Still put this one on your application, but it won't count toward preq requirements. Good luck!
  12. Here's just a few friendly suggestions, but I'm not an expert by any means. 1. Watch a few good mock interviews online. Watch a few bad mock interviews online. 2. Write out your answers to the big 5 (biggest strength, biggest weakness, best quality for a PA to have, Why PA, Why UPAP?) Then format your answers into bullet points of your main ideas including a personal example to support your answer. Then you will be ready to answer with some key points when you get asked the question in a format that you maybe didn't prep for exactly. 3. Know yourself and what motivates you.
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