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  1. HHey guys, does anyone have an idea of where students usually live? I have a 50 minute commute so I would rather find a place closer but have no idea where to look
  2. Got my acceptance email today as well and interviewed 6/24! So excited to start this journey with you guys!!
  3. Hey everyone, I was just offered an interview for July 11! I will most likely be flying in the day before so if anyone wanted to meet up and calm some nerves, feel free to message me also, does anyone know the general interview style?
  4. Just received an interview invite for 6/24!!! Beyond excited!! If anyone else interviewing that day wants to meet up beforehand and talk to calm some nerves, let me know!
  5. Congratulations! Did they notify you by email or phone? Also would you mind sharing stats?
  6. cGPA: 3.96 sGPA: 3.75 GRE: 312 PCE: ~1100 Volunteer: ~250 Shadowing: ~40
  7. It said that my application is under review and I will be notified if selected for an interview
  8. Thank you! cGPA: 3.96 sGPA: 3.75 GRE: 312 PCE: ~1100 Volunteer: ~250 Shadowing: ~40
  9. Applied 6/5, verified 6/7, received confirmation of receipt of application today 6/10! UB is one of my tops, fingers crossed!
  10. Submitted 6/5 and verified 6/7! Got an email for an interview to USF today! Very excited! Best of luck to everyone
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