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  1. I look forward to meeting the other applicants interviewing on the 18th! Anyone else going to the Q&A tomorrow?
  2. Hello everyone, I received the supplemental on the June 14 and they received it on the 18th. I was offered an interview for July 18th on June 24th. Best of luck!
  3. Yes, you have 2 weeks from the date of the official offer. So for me, I have until June 25th to provide a $1500 deposit and SSN release form.
  4. Hello everyone, I received an invitation to interview on May 28th for June 24th! I already had an interview in South Carolina and received an offer but am still interested in checking out the program. I'll be flying in from New York City on June 22.
  5. There are 30 seats that they fill. Each interview has the top 18 students, and up to 50% can be invited for a seat. The rest will be either waitlisted or denied. Those who are wait listed will be re-evaluated at the conclusion of each interview. Best of luck!
  6. Hello everyone, I recently interviewed on June 7th and am here to give you some insight into the program and interview process. Firstly, I was extremely impressed by the program. The faculty seem endearing and motivated, and the small class size coupled with the state of the art facilities exclusively for the PA students is highly desirable. Additionally, the current students were very pleasant, intelligent, and motivated. The interview was extremely relaxed in my opinion. It is based on MMI interviewing but not as "shotgun" styled as I imagined. You will have 4 group interviews with 1-2 other students and 2-3 faculty per interview room, an essay, and a "critical thinking" activity, as well as tours of the facilities. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. 42 minutes after the interview I received a phone call in which I was offered a seat in the program. My best advice I can give is to be yourself: There are no right answers. if you piggy back on your prospective classmates answers because they, "sound good" they will recognize that and it may negatively impact your scoring. Be unique, and be yourself. To prepare, I'd recommend reflecting on why you want to be a PA, what makes you unique and sets you apart from other prospective PA students, and why you want to attend NGU. Additionally, brainstorm on some other goals you have in your life outside of your career. The admissions team want to get to know you as a person. They already have your academic records, but don't know much about your personality so this is your chance to show them. Good luck to you all!
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