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  1. I was placed on the accepted hold list and have the ranking spot of #5 as of Friday 3/27 per Renee.
  2. Has anyone heard anything for Gannon about how COVID-19 is going to affect decisions on acceptance or future interviews?
  3. Just received an interview invite for March 11!!!!!!! Is there anyone that can offer advice or information about how the interview is formatted and what to expect!
  4. Congrats!! What are your stats? I applied in June/July and have not heard yet.
  5. So if I applied and was verified in June I still have a chance at an interview?
  6. Does anyone know if they will be sending out any more interview invites? This is my top choice school and I still have not heard anything.
  7. Anyone know if they are going to be sending out more interview invites?
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