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  1. Congrats Happy there are others in the latecomer boat haha. Just got my official enrollment info via email today.
  2. Also received early acceptance notice on Saturday - congrats to you all who got the same news
  3. Received a call today 10/23 pulling me from the waitlist. Above and beyond happy over here
  4. Also received email yesterday about 11/15 interview
  5. Just gave up my seat in this program in favor of another that suits me better and is better located for me. Hoping my seat goes to one of you!
  6. Has anyone from the 9/6 interview heard back? Still not so patiently waiting
  7. Thank you so much for the kind offer! I will message you if I think of any questions
  8. Received an interview invite yesterday for 10/22!
  9. I was accepted via email after 9/17 interview and am waiting to hear from other programs before I make a final decision!
  10. It sounds like you are a stellar applicant! There were several current students who I spoke to who had families kids and I hope you get a chance to talk to them when you’re there! Also one of the faculty is the head of MEAPA, so that’s great too!
  11. Received acceptance call today after 9/13 interview. Very excited about this program and got a good feeling from everyone who I met there! Good luck to those with upcoming interviews
  12. Do you mean you were accepted to start this coming November (from last cycle)? I think for this cycle they have not sent any invites out. If so, you will want to look back at the thread for last cycle as far as a roommate discussion
  13. I received the same email yesterday - looking forward to meeting folks on 10/5! I am still a bit hesitant with the probation status, but I have been very impressed with what I have read about the program, especially its focus on rural medicine.
  14. I think they said that had two more sessions schedule and all they told us as that there are seats left.
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