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  1. I was accepted this afternoon!! I interviewed on 9/30 as well
  2. I interviewed on the 27th/28th and received a voicemail from Dr. Baginski this afternoon. Good luck to the rest of the applicants!
  3. I interviewed on 08/26 and got an acceptance call today!
  4. Just received an interview for 9/30, very excited!
  5. I received an interview for 9/23! Very excited. Any insight into the academic and personal interviewing would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I'm a Georgia resident and I also received an interview for 08/24! I'm very excited!
  7. Just that they'll be contacting us late summer about the date.
  8. cGPA 3.89 sGPA 3.78 GRE 315 combined AW 4.5 PCE: 2900 hours as a medical assistant HCE: 100 hours Community service: 800 hours Shadowing: 40 hours LOR: the physician I work with, my office manager, and two academic professors
  9. Thank you! I submitted my CASPA and supplemental on 06/02. I got an email stating that they received my CASPA on 06/04 and then another email on 06/05 stating that they received all application materials and that it was being processed.
  10. I received an offer for an interview today (6/6). My application was verified by Emory on 6/5. Good luck to everyone!
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