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  1. Not that I know of! Has anyone received info packets yet? I am getting so excited to start!
  2. I have not yet. I am assuming they send out all their info on Tuesdays based on the past so I am hoping today is the day!
  3. They said sometime in October I believe... I have been checking my email incessantly! Looks like we will be classmates!!
  4. I interviewed 2nd group and received the acceptance call the Tuesday after. I have not received the official email or letter yet but I am very eager! I can’t wait to be *officially* official!
  5. I believe it just means that you do not have to pay the $75 non-refundable fee with the data sheet. And yes, the payment does have to be delivered by today.
  6. Hi everyone! I submitted my application today. I already sent the data sheet (check cashed, no email), but I am nervous about the transcript entry. Is the professional transcript entry a part of the verification process or a part of the completed process? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you and good luck!! Heather
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