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  1. Hello. I received the call on 9/25. I am not aware how many people have been accepted.
  2. Hello. For those that have accepted seats, I have made a facebook group. Please contact Dr. Butler to learn how to access the group.
  3. This is some hardcore spin. The bottom line is they had 12 students fail. I know of at least 2 schools that are ranked way lower, one a relatively new program, that took the same test and had 0 students fail. I wouldn't bring up rankings, but when I interviewed here they brought them up more than once to use them to brag about being top 5. Well, in my opinion, a top 5 program wouldn't have 12 students fail. There was a failure somewhere in their methods to have those students fail. Also, a program that brags about being top 5 should never compare themselves to the national average. They should be way above the national average. I do however agree that if you liked Emory and its a fit for you then absolutely go there. My guess is that they wont let this happen again.
  4. Anyone going to the sept 24th interview want to share an Airbnb?
  5. Anyone going Sept 20-21 want to share an Airbnb? Might end up cheaper that way, especially if we can get 4-5 people. I am flying into SFO and will have a rental car.
  6. Im sorry to hear that. Good luck with the rest of your cycle.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Was the rejection a letter in the mail or an email?
  8. @Rouns1 I have received a confirmation. Submitted Caspa on 6/21 Wisconsin email came 7/2
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