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  1. Has anyone received any news from those of us that were supposed to be notified on October 5th about whether we would be interviewed or not?
  2. Wait the interview is over a two day period?? If so that's different. Why is that?
  3. Thanks for the update and I'm sorry about the rejection today. Don't let it get you down though. You will definitely get into a program very soon and be an amazing PA-C!!
  4. How did you know the last round was supposed to be sent out today and not yesterday?
  5. All the emails I received the notifications said they would go out on 10/5 but if it's 10/6 then I guess we will find out in a little while then
  6. How do you you know they are only accepting 20 students? I didn't see it listed anywhere on the website. That's a super small first cohort!!
  7. No I applied from the past application cycle (2020-21) and I posted on the wrong thread. EVMS won't start sending out interview emails and/or PURL updates on interview statuses until June of 2022 for the class that starts in January of 2023.
  8. That's great to hear!! That's good news. Hopefully I'll get the call soonThanks for the info
  9. Hey anyone hear any news from the waitlist? Anyone selected??
  10. Anyone heard any news from the waitlist for those of us that interviewed in Late July?
  11. DOCRAH


    If I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure you have to actually submit your CASPA application so that it can be verified if you want there to be any carry over to the next cycle. This is the only way your transcripts and certain documents/experiences will be saved and available for use in the next cycle. Your letters of recommendation however will definitely NOT be saved as I've applied to PA school in multiple cycles and I had to get new LOR's every cycle. At the beginning of every new cycle if you are a re-applicant the CASPA application system asks you if you would like to transfer your data over and it lets you select which parts of your previous application you would like to transfer over. Hope this helps and you can also call CASPA or live chat with one of their reps on the website. Best of luck to you.
  12. So for any current students on here do all the offers of admission go out today and all at once or are they sent out in waves similar to the invitations to interview?
  13. Hey Ponds. Sounds like you are trending in the right direction. EVMS really likes re-applicants as they view them as determined and that becoming a PA is something they really want to do. EVMS really focuses on your qualifying GPA which is one of the following three...1.) Undergrad GPA only, 2.) Last 40 hr GPA of courses taken (can be from undergrad, post bacc courses, or grad school, 3.) Graduate GPA only. Whichever is the highest of the three they will take. Next thing they focus on is pre req GPA and retakes are accepted if that grade is higher. Last things they look at are your volunteer and Healthcare experience. People who are getting interviews have GPA's in the 3.8 range and higher for both qualifying and pre req. Also volunteer and Healthcare hours have to be relatively big numbers as the program is very committed to volunteerism and giving back to the community. You can refer to their web page for the exact admission stats as they have a section dedicated for it. I'm was a reapplicant this past cycle and I recently interviewed there. I had stats not to far from yours and I was told that's why I didn't receive an interview invitation 2019-20 cycle. EVMS also offers application feedback/guidance around mid September following the start of classes which is refreshing as many programs just say reapply you will get in or nothing at all. My GPA's for both my qualifying and pre req both exceeded 3.8 which helped me receive an interview I ultimately believe, whereas I was in the 3.4ish range the cycle I didn't receive an interview. Your 3.82 seems competitive. As aforementioned though check the website to see the stats for admitted students as far as the volunteer and PCE hours are concerned. You will be on your way to being a PA before you know it. I'm rooting for you!!!
  14. Just finished the interview and it really was as everyone had been eluding to...wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be and the members from the mentorship committees are very helpful from the current class that is in didactic. You should definitely take advantage of the time asking them questions as they bring your stress levels down considerably. I really enjoyed the virtual format and the ease of the blackboard collaborate. To everyone who has interviewed and to those that still have to interview tomorrow and Saturday congratulations on this accomplishment and best of luck. I hope that we all will receive admission offers and meet in January!!!
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