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  1. Just finished my interview 30 mins ago and the entire process wasn't bad at all. At the end of the Q & A portion of the interview the clinical coordinator who attended the session as a moderator said at the latest we would be notified would be November 2nd @ 5pm but that it would most likely be earlier than that in October sometime. They've already had the accreditation visit and the decision will become known to them mid September or early October but it all depends on how things play out due to COVID-19. If anyone else has to interview best of luck to you. You'll definitely do great!!
  2. Thanks for that. Did they say whether the first semester or year of school would be delivered online or in person? Thanks.
  3. Omg....they said they wouldn't let people know until October when it starts in January??!! They say anything abt the accreditation visit in September? Thanks for the information
  4. Anyone mind posting exactly how their interview went and the style/types of questions? Was it laid back or intimidating?
  5. On the U of M Flint web page it says that admission decisions won't be made for the first cohort of 40 until after the ARC-PA meeting in September 2020 and that they hope to get provisional status then. Immediately following that if provisional status is granted, they will let interviewees know whom has been selected to matriculate into the program. And I hear you on the reapplying for early decision. This process is just interesting I'll say...makes it difficult to make moves for the current cycle if you aren't selected.
  6. We interview at the end of July but won't find out if we are accepted or not until October according to the website and a prior email I received.
  7. Oh ok. That makes sense. Just makes me wonder about the interview number at the top of our emails???
  8. Does anyone know the total amount of applicants being interviewed?
  9. Received an interview invite as well!!! Super stoked...let's knock them out the park!! Congrats to everyone that received one
  10. Yeah I emailed them this morning. I haven't heard anything back as of yet. As soon as I hear anything I'll post it.
  11. Received my rejection email at 4:42 pm. Figured this would come since I didn't hear anything from any of the waves. Hate that it took practically a month to get a No again from another program and that they didn't return my call or email I sent.... but that's OK. I'll contact EVMS, attend their webinar, and improve other areas of my application so that next time an interview and acceptance will come my way:-) This isn't a setback but rather it's setting me and all of us to receive the acceptance emails that will change our lives later on when we that didn't get in this past cycle apply again in future cycles. Congrats to all those who received interviews to EVMS and all those that have been accepted to other programs this past cycle...you all will make great PA-C's no doubt in my mind!!
  12. No I haven't heard anything. If I don't hear from them by 4 or 5pm tmrw I will be contacting them in the following days because they said in the webinar back around the end of May that we would be receiving interviews by the end of this month and tmrw is the last day of June. They haven't even let us know how the accreditation visit on June 15th & 16th went yet Getting kind of ridiculous to me as we are already over 2 mths into a new application cycle and haven't even received interviews for the previous cycle yet and I know the virus has delayed some things but still....communication has been lacking a bit to me btwn the admission office & prospective applicants.
  13. Well then there's still hope for us that are still waiting for interviews then if they are still filling spots. Hopefully we might hear good news later today!! Thanks for the info tvaney!
  14. So I'm guessing that's it for interview invitations?? Anyone reach out to the program??
  15. As do I. It's very different. Maybe some of those same PA's might see our apps and our CASPA narratives and/or maybe some of us with just a 3.0 or 3.2 GPA might remind them that they were that same student years ago trying to get into a program and how someone took a chance on them...you never know as that could work in our favor??
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