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  1. I absolutely do not think PA school was anywhere near as stressful as I had imagined or heard that it would be before I started. Undergrad was WAAYYY worse for me. PA school isn't necessarily hard information, it's more just a lot of information thrown at you in a short period of time, but it's definitely manageable - especially if you form a strong study group with classmates. That's definitely what got me through!! Also, as far as clinical year vs didactic year there's a huge difference. I absolutely loved clinical year and it's so much more fun and enjoyable than didactic year!
  2. I focused mainly on the NCCPA blueprint, but ideally go through both if you have the time! I definitely did not get through PANCE Prep Pearls cover to cover though, and I passed.
  3. Hey! I just took the PANCE a few weeks ago, and I definitely felt prepared for it - and I passed!! I used Rosh Review all throughout clinical year, it is absolutely worth buying it. My class did some group discount thing so maybe you could look into that! We had End of Rotation exams administered by our school through the PAEA, and those were great for PANCE preparation. You don't quite realize it, but by studying for those exams you're directly studying for the PANCE. I recommend downloading the PANCE Content Blueprint off of the NCCPA website and creating a template either with a chart/table or page headers for each topic. Add information as you go through your clinical year. Spend some time researching topics, and some time doing practice questions. As you get further along move away from topic research and focus more on the practice questions. The four weeks leading up to the exam I did solely practice questions. Podcasts were another great tool I used throughout clinical year! You get caught up reading so much information, it's nice to go back to what you're used to - someone explaining the information via audio. I used to listen in the shower, while folding laundry, sometimes on runs, and in the car. Awesome way to gain more information without having to sit at a desk. I mostly used Physician Assistant Exam Review, it's on apple podcasts and Spotify. He also has a website with all of his audio and written notes. Group studying was huge for me. Again, it tends to get lonely just sitting and reading to yourself in your head all year. It's great not only to talk out loud, but to use a friend to see where your information may be lacking. Overall, you're going to do great! A year is a LONG time to study!! Don't forget to take breaks and enjoy clinical year, I honestly believe that was the best year of my life.
  4. Hey, I'll take a look at it! I just graduated PA school last month, I'd be happy to help out the next cohort of PAs. I'll message you my email address.
  5. Hi! I am a new graduate, and looking into job opportunities. Wondering if anyone has insight into what it's like commuting an hour for 12 to 16 hour shifts (about shifts 3 per week)? I'm looking into surgical specialities, and one got back to me regarding this type of schedule. In theory I'm totally fine with the commute, but just looking for someone with experience doing this and your opinion on it. Thank you so much!!
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