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  1. Hey! I am apart of the class of 2022 and they recently told us that the class is full and that they do not plan on holding any more interviews for our class at this time. Hope that helps
  2. Hey y'all! I am currently on the high priority waitlsit and I know that there are 50 spots and 44 people in the FB group already. I was wondering if anyone knew if the class is currently full or if anyone on the waitlists have heard anything?
  3. Is there a fb group for those accepted yet? Would love to get to know some of y'all
  4. anyone know if there is a facebook group for the incoming class yet?
  5. I submitted my application June 6th and got an interview for Jan 24th... so for all of y'all wondering there is definitely still lots of hope! From my conversations with the school they interview into April/May
  6. Sure Overall: 3.57/ Science: 3.45/ GRE: 314 PCE: 500 as ophthalmic technician health care experience: ~4,000 hours as patient transport and medical receptionist Shadowing: 300 hours with 3 different PAs volunteering: 950 hours. My stats aren't the greatest so I focused on creating a really good personal statement (in my opinion), getting a wide variety of LOR, and submitted the first week of June.
  7. Also for y'all interviewing on 10/25. Im traveling solo and staying close by so if anyone wants to join me and grab dinner the night before pleaseeee dm me! I would love to hang out and get to know y'all
  8. Interviewing on Oct 25th as well! Anyone know more specifics on the interview style besides the general schedule they emailed us with the invite?
  9. I interviewed on the 22nd and heard back yesterday from Dr. Tobin for an admissions offer
  10. Interviews 8/22 and got a call today offering an admission spot!
  11. I believe that the 6 weeks should be next week. I would wait until you hit a solid 7 week mark before reaching out because I would assume that the 4-6 weeks is an estimate. That is just my opinion though
  12. Had my interview yesterday! It was pretty chill and the faculty did such a good job making you feel comfortable and make sure they answer any possible question you have! Let me know if you have any questions
  13. about 2 weeks after I sent it via snail mail. Once I got my application verified they sent me a confirmation email about the data sheet.
  14. It's non-rolling admissions. They said getting your app in early wont necessarily mean it is reviewed early. I think interview invitations will be sent out aug/september
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