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  1. Received an interview invite this morning! Probably going to be giving up my spot as I am pursuing elsewhere. Good luck everyone!
  2. Just received an acceptance call from the program!!! I am SO excited. Interview on 7/10
  3. Received an interview invite to here 2 days ago via phone call! Turned down the offer to pursue other routes, hopefully that spot goes to one of you
  4. Anyone attending the 9/17 interview want to meet up the evening of 9/16?!
  5. @RaeanneB @mlprepa Thank you for the info!! I appreciate it. Good luck!
  6. Does anyone know if there are any further interviews scheduled this month?
  7. Hi all. Go check out the official thread for this school. It was added to the list of schools now instead of "under development"
  8. Hi all, I submitted my app on May 28th. Received a confirmation email on 6/7. I was also emailing Candi last weekend updating her on my app, and she was very friendly! Looking forward to hearing from them soon.
  9. @Yay4PASchool @Benjie I'm keeping my hopes up! I am a glass half full kind of person
  10. @Deepib Oh yay! Awesome. I'll see you there I live about an hour away! You??
  11. @MelinaTheFuturePA Thank you. I was invited to supplemental 6/13, turned in on 6/23
  12. @Yay4PASchool So what do you think that means if you were kept in the competitive applicant pool? I assumed accepted or waitlisted.
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