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  1. Lea just called me telling me that I was accepted off of the waitlist!
  2. I was originally waitlisted but I just received an email saying congratulations on your acceptance and that I’m missing information for financial aid. I’m confused as this is all the email said and I didn’t receive a call or anything. I’m wondering if something else got lost or if it’s a mistake. Anyone get something similar?
  3. Received an interview invite for 11/15 a few days ago but I declined it, good luck everyone!
  4. Everyone who will be attending should join the Facebook page! Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/745028102596580/?ref=share Can’t wait To meet everyone in May!
  5. Just received an email, accepted from the 10/28 interview! But I will be declining for a program I liked better so that’ll free up a spot for someone
  6. My interview was 10/28 and they told us we should know by the end of this week so hopefully you guys will hear back by then too!
  7. I think if you have a kickass personal statement and really good letters of rec you’ll be okay. I had a very good GPA (3.9 cum, 3.9 science) but not many PCE. I only had 800 hours as an ER tech when I applied and didn’t think I would get in because of this. But I decided to apply anyway to 9 schools. I received 7 interviews so far, attended 6 and have received 2 waitlists and 1 acceptance. Still waiting to hear back from 2 interviews. I think what really helped me (since part of my stats weren’t great) was my personal statement and letters of rec! Don’t worry it can be done just work really hard on your personal statement, have people review it and ask a PA who really knows you for a letter. The letters of rec from PAs hold the most value.
  8. I believe it’s 50, but in my interview they said they waitlist a lot of people specifically because they do not fill their class until everyone has interviewed to give a fair chance to everyone
  9. Also received an acceptance call today from the 10/22 interview!
  10. Has anyone else interviewed and never heard back? I interview sept 17 and haven’t heard anything. I’m assuming that means I’m rejected but idk
  11. I applied early June and haven’t heard anything, I think they’ve only gotten to May applicants so far
  12. I also got waitlisted. I remember the director saying they only have like 10ish spots for the waitlist since their chosen class usually matriculates
  13. I haven’t received anything either, are we all really that unlucky
  14. This anxiety is killing me I won’t let my phone out of my sight just in case it rings lol
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