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  1. Also received an interview invite! Haven't picked a date yet. I was verified June 11th
  2. Received an interview invite today to center city campus! Applied 6/11
  3. Nope, they said 2-3 weeks so I'm hoping by the end of this week or next week we'll hear back
  4. Application Was verified 6/12 and had an interview on 8/9. Have yet to hear back they said 2-3 weeks after the interview you'll know the decision.
  5. I applied early/mid June. Have 3.9 science and cumulative GPA and 800 PCE as an ER Tech. 1.5 years of undergrad research and 1200 HCE. Got the invite 8/8
  6. I haven't heard anything since the confirmation email early June
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I applied early June and haven't received anything, not even a confirmation email.
  8. Congrats!!! Hopefully we'll be at the same interview!
  9. Just received an interview invite! Don't have a date yet but I'm so excited!
  10. Anyone else receive this from them? Hoping it's good news. Thank you for your interest in the Rutgers Physician Assistant Program. Your application is under the review of the Admissions Committee, and we have selected you to move on to the next round of screening. This does not require any action on your part. We do not have any further update for you at this time. We have an exceptionally high volume of applications this year and we appreciate your patience through this process. We will contact you again as soon as possible.
  11. I have yet to receive anything from them still and I submitted early June.
  12. Nope nothing yet since the confirmation email. But they do say they don't begin reviewing apps until mid summer so I'm thinking we should be hearing about interviews in a few weeks
  13. Thank you!! Undergrad degree: BS in biology cGPA: 3.88 sGPA: 3.87 PCE: 800 as an ER tech HCE: 1100 as an ER registrar shadowing: 100 hours research: 400 hours undergrad research studying T7 bacteriophages LOR: research mentor, A&P professor/head of bio dept, ER PA I work with
  14. Maybe, I received a confirmation email from them the same day I was verified
  15. Just received an interview invite today for 8/9! Applied and was verified 6/11!
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