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  1. I just declined my interview invite as I have been accepted into another program! I hope that opens up a spot for someone else and good luck everyone
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows how many more interviews they’re planning on having this cycle? And anyone gotten an interview being an out of state applicant?
  3. Hi, for those that have interviewed or received an interview invite, where is the interview information page? I have scheduled my interview but I can’t seem to find the page with all the information on the student portal
  4. Hi I scheduled my interview for 11/9 as well! I interviewed here last year and it was just the group of 3 for the panel interview and the rest of the informational presentations were all together. I’m not sure how it will differ with it being on zoom this year.
  5. Does anyone know if they’re doing the APOS and alternate list like they have been doing in previous years?
  6. Hi just wanted some advice for those who have more knowledge of this school, my file score is higher than the cut off but I wouldn’t get the point for the interview survey. Does anyone know if this weighs heavily, or if I still have a chance without it? Thanks!
  7. I received an interview invite as well, scheduled for July 6th for the virtual interview, the schedule is the exact same as the one I had in person last year so hoping all goes smoothly!
  8. Congrats to those who received an interview! For those of you who received an interview invite, was it through email? and if wouldn't mind posting your stats that’d be great
  9. Overall gpa: 3.81 Science gpa: 3.75 GRE verbal : 65% Quantitative: 68% Analytical: 59% PCE: 2500 hours as a CNA Shadowing: 10 hours Volunteer: 115 hours
  10. I just got mine! I sent my CASPA in 5/22 and took the Casper on 6/13
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