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  1. i've been randomly trying to make the payment and it hasn't gone through yet. they'll definitely reach out to all of us when they've fixed the issue- they want our money as badly as we want our applications to be complete lol
  2. any feedback from those of you who interviewed on Friday? Has anyone been accepted yet?
  3. Has anyone been able to make the payment yet? I received the application confirmation email, but my credit card and echeck both receive error messages when I try to submit the payment.
  4. Congrats! Would you mind posting your stats? Also when will you be interviewing?
  5. Would you mind me asking if you're applying from in state or out of state?
  6. I thought the website said the application opened today (6/15), but I looked yesterday and it was already open
  7. Wanted to get this forum started! Good luck to all applying!
  8. Just got an interview date! Submitted 5/22, interview invite 5/28, interview scheduled for 7/16!
  9. Does Drexel require a supplemental application or is it just the CASPA questions?
  10. Thanks for the info! I'm trying not to get discouraged but I'm also trying to prepare for the worst. Best of luck to you!
  11. I reached out to the school to ensure all of my materials were complete (because I also never received an email confirmation). They mentioned they have yet to download any of the CASPA applications. That was on 6/3.
  12. Has anyone received a rejection from Tufts yet...? I submitted my app on 5/13 and received a "completed" email on 5/14. I haven't heard anything since then and I'm starting to assume I'm not getting an interview. I was just curious if anyone knew if Tufts sends out rejections as they go or if they're going to wait until the fall.
  13. Hi all! Figured I would get this thread started! I submitted my CASPA on 5/13, email confirmation of a completed application on 5/14, and in interview invite on 5/29 for 6/5! Very quick turnaround time!
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