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  1. interviewed back in July, just received a denial today.
  2. Submitted 5/13 and was received on 5/16. Still waiting to hear back
  3. I emailed Stephanie and mentioned I have a pending acceptance at another program and asked if she had a rough time frame when I can expect to receive a decision (even if it’s a place on the waitlist). She said the committee isn’t able to expedite decisions at this time.
  4. I believe its 8/27, but I'm not positive on that
  5. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing when you submitted your application?
  6. This was the response I received: Thank you for your continued interest in the PA program at Rush University. We apologize for the duplicate email but we were contacted by CASPA stating that they had reports of email delivery issues to specific email domains, so we resent some of our correspondences so help ensure they were received. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and at this time I have confirmed you are still on the waitlist for an interview.
  7. I got a second waitlist email for an interview! I’m going to respond and make sure I’m still on the waitlist and ask if there are any other updates.
  8. Is anyone else still waiting to hear back from the 7/16 interview?
  9. Submitted 6/11, received 6/12, denied on 8/12. Congratulations to those with acceptances and good luck to those interviewing!
  10. For those of you that emailed about portal access/application confirmation, who did you email? I cant seem to find a program specific admission email address on their website
  11. My application was verified on May 15, but my supplemental application wasn't submitted until the beginning of June. Will this affect when my application is reviewed or when I should expect to hear back?
  12. I got that email too. I'm not really sure what to make of it.
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