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  1. I just checked my portal today. I got accepted yay! I'm excited to meet all of you! Feel free to reach out, I'd love to get to know you guys before school starts!
  2. did anyone bring a coat to the interview? It's pretty cold, Im thinking to bring my down coat but don't know if it would be appropriate or if there would be a place for them to keep our coats.
  3. Good to hear! Any labs or unique resources within MCPHS for their PA students?
  4. Still haven't received an email for interview or rejection...anyone else?
  5. anyone want to share how their interview went for those who just had theirs? How were the people and the school like?
  6. Applied to Texas Tech and received response that they couldn't take Molecular Genetics course because it's too specific. They want a general genetics course, but my school does not offer that type of course. Although I let them know I took a biology course that included general genetics, they would not accept it because it's not a genetics course. Anybody else have that problem? Suggestions?
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