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  1. when did you submit do you mind sharing your stats.
  2. tbh I did write a whole new personal statement but it wasn't as long as the original one though..I feel like if your first personal statement wasn't exactly how you wanted it to be or if you felt that you could of added something in that you really wanted to say; now is the time to do that. I think with the second personal statement they are given you a second chance to say anything and elaborate more on why PA i guess. Also you can take experiences that are in your regular personal statement and elaborate more on it in the second one for morehouse.
  3. Meaning “thorough” did they ask a lot of questions to throw you off?
  4. No I just received an email stating that I Am under review.
  5. Do you mind sharing your stats? Also when did you submit?
  6. Keep your head up! Keep applying! Smh I hate when programs do that without saying why.
  7. Hey all, I just called the program and they said that we don’t need to do anything w/ the eraider or domain account. Those are only for people who have gotten accepted. The person I spoke with told me to not delete the email because if I got accepted I would need to make an account... so tbh don’t do anything with it Even though it says take action.. but any of y’all can call to verify for themselves.
  8. Is anyone a reapplicant? Also would you mind sharing your stats.
  9. Do y’all mind sharing y’all stats those that got an interview. Thanks
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