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  1. I submitted and was verified 5/23 and got my under review email on 6/5.
  2. Yep, it came through my inbox today at 4:15 PM. I was surprised because I, too, did not think they would send them out so late in the day. Good luck, keep an eye on your inbox!
  3. They must be sending out another batch of invites. I just got my interview invitation for 9/21!
  4. @mckennap Sorry, I guess I misread your first question. I haven't gotten an interview offer yet. I only received my "under review" email a few days ago, two days after I paid the fee. It sounds like several people were getting interview invites early last week, but it's been quiet since then. Has anyone else been offered an interview this week?
  5. @mckennap and @leira23 Two days for me.
  6. Congratulations, good for you!! Question--did you eventually receive an email about the supplemental application/fee a few days before receiving your interview offer? My application was verified on 5/23 and I have heard nothing still, so I was just wondering. EDIT: Wow, guess I spoke too soon. No more than five minutes after I posted this, I got the email! What a coincidence!
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