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  1. It's difficult to know. While there isn't a minimum science GPA for application, having a low science GPA could indicate low grades on multiple prerequisite (science) courses. On their website, they state that it's rare for someone with a "C" in any prerequisite course to gain admission. How is your overall GPA? Also according to their website: "Applicants must achieve a minimum overall 3.0 GPA at the time of application as calculated by CASPA. Maintaining the minimum required GPA is not necessarily equivalent to achieving a competitive GPA. What is considered competitive varies according to the quality of the applicant pool during each application cycle"
  2. I accessed it through mobile, so I'm not sure if it looks different on a computer. But I went into the three-dot menu in the top right >> nav bar >> student center, and there should be menu boxes going down along the right side of the screen. One of them is "To Do List" and one is "UT Southwestern Links," which contains the residency questionnaire that you need to complete. I hope that helps!
  3. @edtru I can. No one has asked for my stats before, so here we go. First, timeline: Submitted 5/20. Verified 5/23 (had to wait for one more LOR to get sent in). Received Student Self Center Login 6/12. Received August interview invite 7/31. Now, stats: sGPA: 3.7 GRE: 306, writing 4 PCE: ~8000 hours Volunteering: ~100 hours Research: 735 hours (if that even matters)
  4. I submitted and was verified 5/23 and got my under review email on 6/5.
  5. Yep, it came through my inbox today at 4:15 PM. I was surprised because I, too, did not think they would send them out so late in the day. Good luck, keep an eye on your inbox!
  6. They must be sending out another batch of invites. I just got my interview invitation for 9/21!
  7. @mckennap Sorry, I guess I misread your first question. I haven't gotten an interview offer yet. I only received my "under review" email a few days ago, two days after I paid the fee. It sounds like several people were getting interview invites early last week, but it's been quiet since then. Has anyone else been offered an interview this week?
  8. Congratulations, good for you!! Question--did you eventually receive an email about the supplemental application/fee a few days before receiving your interview offer? My application was verified on 5/23 and I have heard nothing still, so I was just wondering. EDIT: Wow, guess I spoke too soon. No more than five minutes after I posted this, I got the email! What a coincidence!
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