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  1. Definitely agree with you! Do you think they allow you to take a break from the program in the case one does get accepted? If so, this wouldn't serve an issue. An MPH definitely is something good to have.
  2. Hi, I was rejected and also got the email. It seemed like a good idea, however I am a bit naive in proceeding with the application. At the bottom of the email, it stated that doing this program does not mean you can get into the other programs upon completion. Assuming that PA school is the ultimate goal, I am not sure how the masters program will override with the PA program. The masters program begins in June, and I assume this program runs at least 1 year. My concern in that case is, if I am accepted to a PA school by next cycle, would it override with this MPH program? I am also waitlisted for another program, but not sure if I will get off waitlist and if I should do this to make my application stronger. Let me know your thoughts also about this, would love to see other peoples input. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, Did anyone hear back with any updates? Are they still interviewing, anyone placed on waitlist or rejected?
  4. Hi all, Did people's nonclinical hours come from not for profit organization? I volunteered at a daycare before, but I don't think the daycare was a not for profit organization. Any idea, what could be done? I was under the assumption that it didn't matter where you volunteered as long as they were non-clinical and community based hours? Also did you guys see the status of your file on top of admissions checklist?
  5. The adcom is working on it, and they will be sending out an email most likely by later tonight. They said they might extend the deadline.
  6. Hey guys, So when this occured. I just emailed the admissions email with screenshots of my screen with time stamp. Anything that I couldnt submit through the portal, I submitted as a pdf attachememt through email. Im sure they will let us submit everything considering it was a glitch in system. Let's hope for the best :)!
  7. Super late in the application cycle and I was trying to submit by the deadline today. However, I ran into the issue where the system locked me out before I copied and pasted my essays from word doc to the provided sections, although the app is due tonight at 11:59 PM. Did anyone who did not submit yet and working on their app before deadline run into the same issue?
  8. Hi! Did those from the 10/22/2019 interview hear back?
  9. Hi, Anyone traveling from New York for the 10/1/2019 interview? If so, how are you all trying to get there. For those of you who already interviewed, how was the interview like and any tips to keep in mind? Thank you in advance for the help!
  10. Hi, I have also applied to Touro NUMC. When did you guys submit your application and when did you guys hear back about interviews. Thank you!
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