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  1. I interviewed on 10/2 and they said they'd send out acceptances within the next 3 weeks!
  2. Has anyone else been notified if they were accepted/waitlisted/denied today?
  3. I was waitlisted from the 9/6 interview morning session. Pretty bummed as I really like this program and thought it was a great fit for me. Guess not, but oh well we'll see what happens in the next couple months.
  4. My portal changed and no longer shows the applicant checklist. I'm assuming this means I was rejected. Pretty bummed as I really loved this school. Good luck to everyone who is still in the process!
  5. Anyone else hear anything? I also interviewed 8/9 and am starting to get nervous that I haven't heard back.
  6. I got a call offering me an interview for 8/9. However, I have another interview that day. I was told they could not give me a different interview date at this time or guarantee I will receive one at a later date. I would very much so like to interview here but I have the logistics for my other interview already set up and realistically cannot change it. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a chance I'd be offered another date?
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