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  1. They told us we’d hear back within 2 weeks of the interview and it’s a $1500 deposit. Still no word today...it’s only been 9 days though
  2. This is an interesting take. I did actually have a similar feeling at my interview last week...a lot of pressure to not fail and it did sound like many students were borderline the whole time. Sure, 100% PANCE pass rate, but only 80% of students make it there? Yikes
  3. Some admission decisions went out today via email!
  4. It’s a long day but just be yourself and try to have fun and take it all in. You’re interviewing the school just as much as they’re interviewing you.
  5. What is this data sheet? How much is the supplemental payment? Is this only a after you submit the initial CASPA app?
  6. Anyone hear any news? I think this is rolling admission correct?
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