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  1. Thank you so much for the support and advice!! You’ll be an amazing PA!
  2. Congratulations!! Did you email them or do anything additional to communicate with them while you were on the waitlist?
  3. Congratulations!! Did you email them or anything after you got your initial alternate list email?
  4. For anyone on the waitlist: has anyone tried calling to ask what position you are on the waitlist?
  5. Has anyone who interviewed on Nov. 1 received an email about being rejected or on the waitlist? I saw that some people were already accepted but I was curious if anyone has heard anything else.
  6. I interviewed on Nov 1st and haven't heard anything. The suspense is torturous!
  7. Does anyone know how many interview invites USC sends out? Congratulations to everyone who received an interview!
  8. I received the 10-digits as well. Do you know what we're supposed to do with it? Do we fill out a separate application on their website?
  9. Has anyone heard anything about more interview invites being sent out?
  10. I received an invitation today to interview as well!
  11. That's awesome!! Congratulations!! If you don't mind, would you be able to share your stats and when you applied?
  12. Congratulations!! Would you mind sharing your stats and when you applied?
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