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  1. Can anyone please share about the interview style my interview is this Friday at Manchester!!
  2. Hey Rachel! I also recieved an interview and then postponed till then 8th.
  3. Overall 3.66 and science 3.42. However have still not heard back post interview
  4. Still haven't heard anything from the Nov 4th interview. I don't know if thats a good thing. Has anyone received a rejection from that interview date?
  5. I haven't even heard anything from the October interview.
  6. Awesome was the essay question difficult?
  7. It is for the NUMC campus! Is that where you had your interview?
  8. I interview soon! Can anyone please share how the interview went, the style, what questions I should prepare for etc. Hopefully there was no MMI. Thank you for your help
  9. What airport should we fly into? Which is the closest or cheapest etc. And the best way to get to the school from there
  10. Yea they do go late as posted on the website. However they also only accept 30 as per last year it seems and they already accepted students so who knows how many seats are still open. I'm sure it can't hurt! Always a chance.
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