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  1. How was the interview this Monday? Please share with your experiences if you don’t mind. Were you able to see the other students or just the admission committee?
  2. I just received an email stating that ‘The Physician Assistant Program Admissions Committee has requested additional time to review your file’. Fingers crossed until May I guess. Did you get the same email?
  3. Wow! Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing. At what tine did they call you?
  4. Just wanted to share with everyone. I am very nervous about my interview with Mercer tomorrow. Probably everyone who has the interview feels the same way. I wish you all good luck. I hope it's going to be a good day and we all be relieved with good news later on.
  5. For those who already had an interview, what type of interview it was? MMI style or traditional interview questions?
  6. Does anybody know if the question "Have you been convicted of any violation of law?" is referring to traffic violations also?
  7. The interview questions are traditional style, you have 2 interviewers in front of you, and all it takes is about 30 min. I sent the interviewers a thank you note after... maybe that has helped a little to get noticed. At the interview wear very professional clothes, keep it to neutral colors, wear a nice suit in blue, gray, or black. The school specifies in the email that they want professional attire, so keep in mind that also. Good luck to all of you on the upcoming interview! I am so excited to get to know my new classmates!
  8. Those who got a phone call, did you get an email notification also? Congratulations for getting accepted!!!
  9. On my portal it says to submit 500$ by Sept 27. Does yours say the same?
  10. I did an interview on 8/22, and today I received a mail from PCOM. I got accepted!!! Hope you all get the good news!
  11. I think they were saying that we should get a letter in about 5 weeks.
  12. I received an interview for 8/22 also. They sent an email with interview invitation on 07/30. My supplemental application was submitted on 06/25.
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