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  1. I'm a first year student, anyone can feel free to message me with questions and I can try to help.
  2. They give you ten business days after you get the offer letter I believe, which they sent to me a day after calling me with the acceptance.
  3. I wouldn't give it up as an option unless you have to or if you run out of time for other schools for yourself! Yale doesn't start until August and people could get off the waitlist at their preferred school (or just be accepted somewhere else) and give up their seat at Yale in the several coming months! edit: also I believe Yale is done interviewing so they would start pulling from the waitlist instead of upcoming interviewees if anyone gives up their seat
  4. That's horrible! I hope you get an invite! Definitely didn't go to your spam or accidentally get deleted?
  5. I emailed and didn't hear back, but in the past I've always had trouble getting a response from them lol. I think it's not super likely at this point.
  6. Just got an interview invite, and I withdrew my app! Good luck to everyone! :)
  7. I think a current student had mentioned to me that the presidents will put together a FB group early next year?
  8. I didn't write down exactly what David said but I think I remember him just saying at my interview date (sept 24) we'd hear something by thanksgiving!
  9. I don't blame you! I assume you could definitely still get accepted, who knows how many they've accepted so far and how many have accepted their seats. When I was called it was over a month after my interview, and I thought I'd be rejected/waitlisted, especially since some people from my interview date had already been called!
  10. I feel like that is what happens, I've noticed in the past that waitlists and rejections come out some time in November (probably after interviews finish) and they accept some people as they go?
  11. I put down my deposit for this program and got confirmation last Friday. I think I really liked the ILCE, and the fact that grades are pass/fail. There are big brothers/sisters, I believe you get paired with a student in the class above you? And then optional courses like US health justice, global health, Spanish, etc. I also just really liked the tour and the vibes I got!
  12. Sept 27th, accepted Oct 2nd around 4 pm, just sent the email this morning to withdraw.
  13. I decided to give up my seat to attend another program. Good luck to everyone! Also - the acceptance email came from Shirley's email.
  14. I just got acceptance call an hour ago!! (10 pm New Haven time) I can’t believe they’re calling people so late edit- interviewed sept 24th
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