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  1. I got accepted from that interview date and I just got the packet Thursday, I'm located in Houston. I would contact them if you don't get it soon and see if you can just accept the offer since there is a time limit on it?
  2. Just wanted to comment to note that I got the letter from Tech in the mail today, which mentioned providing a $1,000 graduate scholarship, which is pretty neat. I just now went online and declined the offer! I hope some of ya'll hear back soon and I wish you all the best of luck.
  3. You're totally fine. You just need to finish them by the END of spring semester.. I am sure about that since I got accepted and I spoke with Shirley and I haven't taken Biology 2 yet, I'd take it in the spring. I don't think there is a limit as to how many you can have still not finished, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but of course having less still outstanding is better.
  4. I brought one and gave it to Shirley during transcript review
  5. So guys, I submitted my app in JUNE and I still haven't heard a peep. I am wondering if I should send an email or just leave it alone.
  6. I interviewed 9/30 and got acceptance email on 10/9, and plan to decline, but I was confused because the email said "I encourage you to wait until receipt of your admission packet via U.S. mail before confirming or declining your admission offer online as described below." I may just go ahead and email and say that I am declining the seat. I haven't gotten anything in the mail.
  7. I just gave up my interview, so hopefully more calls will be made and invites sent out Wishing luck to everybody!
  8. I feel like they do everything by email. I got my invite and my acceptance both by email only.
  9. I interviewed Sept 24 and haven’t heard anything. I’m wondering if it means most likely waitlisted or rejected if it’s been that long? I know they said we’d hear something by maybe thanksgiving
  10. Just got an acceptance email from the 9/30 interview, but I am 99 point like 8 percent sure I will be declining the offer! Lol
  11. Yes, it is definitely $1,000, due five business days after acceptance
  12. I replied in around 30 min and still have not heard back at all. I withdrew my application, I applied to many other schools and this is all a mess.
  13. Are you in the correct school thread? You had posted previously about an interview with HS so I am a bit confused
  14. I am assuming no one else has heard back, at least for an acceptance, and the waiting is absolutely excruciating!!! I got five spam calls the other day, an increase from the usual, of course.
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