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  1. Yes, for those whom met the file score threshold.
  2. You should have received an email stating that they're now reviewing 5.0 scores.
  3. Received an interview invite for 9/20 9/18 (edited, 9/20 a diff school). Verified 6/18. Out of state now but was a Sonoma County resident.
  4. I received my confirmation within 3 days. I would suggest emailing them to inquire.
  5. They are running in October thru November based on the options I was provided.
  6. Applied/Verified 6/18 - Just received an invite this am for September 10th!
  7. Invite received! Applied 6/18. Won’t share my stats cuz they’re identifying but I will say that I have a low cGPA and high PCE hrs into the +15k range.
  8. rejected as well - OOS applicant, low cGPA/high sGPA
  9. I was verified June 18th and received an email yesterday that my application is now under review.
  10. Wooof. All these stellar GPA rejections and I'm chilling over here with a 3.55 sGPA wondering if I'll get a lucky invite. smh
  11. Anyone get any updates from the school?
  12. I received my file score: 4.951 I was verified 6/21 and received the email with score on 7/1. Then submitted my supplemental sometime after that cuz I forgot.
  13. In for SMU. Verified 6/21, app confirmed by school 6/23. GLTA!
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