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  1. Got my acceptance call this morning! For anyone who’s interested, I interviewed on Oct. 29th during the afternoon session.
  2. Waitlisted! Congrats to everyone who was accepted!! Does anyone know if people actually come off of the waiting list and are accepted within a reasonable time period/at all?
  3. To those who have already been accepted: I received my acceptance call on Thursday and my formal letter of acceptance on Friday, but I haven’t received any other information or what to do for the next steps. I haven’t put down my deposit yet, but I assumed that they would still send me any necessary forms. Do I need to put down my deposit before I receive any other documents or information on what to expect next? Thanks in advance!
  4. I was accepted from the waiting list yesterday as well!!! I’m beyond excited! For those who are on the waiting list stay positive and don’t loose hope it’s clearly moving!
  5. I did as well! It was so nice getting to know everyone. Does anyone remember when they said we should hear back?
  6. I’ve beeb meaning to ask the same question! I haven’t received anything else or been added to the Facebook page, glad I’m not alone
  7. For those who have already interviewed: Does the interview schedule just consist of 2 faculty interviews and then 1 team activity? Thanks in advance!
  8. Does anyone if they will be accepting any more people from the September interviews? Haven’t gotten a call yet and I’m starting to loose hope
  9. I did this morning! I panicked because I thought it was a denial email at first
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