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  1. Have you tried calling local clinics about shadowing? Sometimes it’s easier to get in through smaller organizations, that’s what I did. Also, due to the coronavirus it’ll be harder to find something right now but maybe by summertime! I know where I live (Houston area) they aren’t accepting volunteers/shadowing at most hospitals/clinics until further notice. You should also look into pharm tech or dialysis tech positions. I love my pharm tech job and they hired me before I became certified. You can message me if you have more questions.
  2. Hi! I’m also waitlisted and haven’t heard anything since February. So far only one person has been pulled from the waitlist. We still have time, that’s what I keep telling myself. As of right now all seats are filled. I wonder if they will allow additional seats to open for some of the waitlist peeps, probably not but just a thought.
  3. So does that mean some of the spots for the original PA Class of 2022 are taken by students in the enrichment program as well? Just trying to understand if these are two separate things or if the enrichment students will make up part of the 100 seats that are offered total. And congratulations on your acceptance!
  4. Congrats!! I was waitlisted on the 7th and that makes me super hopeful
  5. I received a waitlist email on feb 7th as well, good luck! Hope we both make it!
  6. I would email or call the PA department I’m sure they can give you a definitive answer!
  7. They JUST finished the last interview Friday so I’m sure they’re finishing up decisions. Some people will know soon and some people will know later, that seems to be the trend each year. I know people who got accepted and rejected in April/May. I’m surprised that I received a waitlist email.. seems like no one else has heard anything. Unless they just haven’t posted about it on the forum
  8. You’re right, it’s not a rejection! I wish you the best! I just want everyone in the forum to get in haha we are such a good support system.
  9. Thank you for your kindness! Hoping the best for you!
  10. Received a waitlist email today around 2:30. I interviewed 10/25. Not the outcome I wanted but I’m still hopeful for this year.
  11. They still have the last interview this weekend but yes I’m sure they’re wrapping up their final decisions.
  12. If you scroll back a few pages I’m sure you’ll find the last post about acceptances.
  13. Yes it is. I spoke to Christopher last week. They will finalize and send acceptances/waitlists/rejections after then.
  14. Thanks so much! I actually overlooked that bit in the email but I see it now lol I guess I was too excited
  15. Is the interview style MMI, group, individual? Trying to figure out how to prepare best. I appreciate any feedback
  16. Nope, been waiting since November 25! So confused as to why they’re still interviewing into February...
  17. Let’s hope that’s the last interview!! Good luck to everyone waiting. It’s been a long hard wait.
  18. I really needed this today, thank you so much for your kind words! I wish everyone the best of luck. I hope we are all future classmates at this wonderful program.
  19. Same here, I applied mid June and just heard back about an interview consideration. I thought they forgot about me lol
  20. I heard from a current PA student that 11/22 was the last interview. They are now reviewing all applicants before making final decisions.
  21. Be yourself and go with your gut! They just want to get to know you. It’s super chill and the faculty is amazing.
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