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  1. Cornell actually starts pretty early, in mid February actually (they start Feb 19 this year for 2019-2020 applicants). If you want to enter in 2022 then yes, you would apply during the 2021-2022 cycle.
  2. Interviewed back in October, waitlisted, and was accepted off the waitlist 3 weeks after my interview... but I've decided to decline my seat. Hopefully the spot goes to one of you that's waiting still !!
  3. I've decided to give up my seat. Hopefully the seat goes to one of you on the waitlist!! Best of luck to everyone
  4. I've decided to give up my seat after being accepted to my top choice, hopefully it goes to one of you! Good luck to everyone still waiting
  5. Nothing was mentioned to me regarding how full the class is, unfortunately. At my interview, however, we were told they were 2/3 full.
  6. Interviewed 12/2 and was accepted ! Got the call today!
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