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  1. congrats on finishing your interview!! how was it different than what you expected?
  2. Same! Excited to virtually meet everyone then
  3. I will be interviewing on 10/13 as well!! How are you preparing?
  4. Samee! I really enjoyed my interview session it was almost conversational. Hmm I think the student who interview us along with the faculty will definitely have a say, but not sure about the students from the student focus group. I think we will hear back within 2-3 weeks, if we get accepted. If not, i heard you wont hear back until waay later in the cycle. Keep me updated!
  5. I personally enjoyed my interview session a lot! the faculty was super nice and encouraging. the breaks were kinda long tho. I felt like they couldve shorten the breaks so we can end earlier haha what did you think?
  6. interview scheduled on 10/19! weird because i wasnt even aware of the supplemental application until they reminded me to complete it before interview date
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