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  1. Hey I was accepted from a September interview. GPA: 3.94 PCE: 1050 HCE: 1600 Shadowing: 90 hours volunteering: 300 Hope this helps.
  2. Hey I think it’s worth a shot and calling to ask if you can be in the first round of interviews. I actually asked if I could be moved up in the order of interviewees on the day of the interview. I was worried that I would come off needy and that it would reflect negatively. Luckily they were super nice about it and I ended up getting an acceptance offer a few weeks later.
  3. I got the same email but 2 weeks after my interview in July. Haven’t heard anything back yet.
  4. I received an email in regards to the interview invite and then went to the vista portal to select the interview date.
  5. I have an interview for September 18th. Submitted all materials by August 19th. Received interview invite September 5th.
  6. Submitted 6/9/19. Received interview invite today.
  7. I was told that I did not meet the requirements for A/P. I then got a email back with a link to upload my syllabus for the courses. Everything worked out. It did take some time for them to get back to me (few days). Of the schools that I applied to, this program seems to be the only one having this problem regularly.
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