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  1. Hi guys, those who had interview yesterday please come and shear with us their experiments. How long does it takes, how many people do you interview with, does it has writing, ...
  2. Has anybody received a mail from CCBC?! I got a mail from CCBC saying congratulations on your acceptance to CCBC. Any idea what that is?!?!?
  3. submitted 05/28 Verified 05/29 Application received email 06/03 Under reviewer and Supplemental application emails 07/18
  4. Hi agin, I was wondering how did you guys find out your transcripts have received?
  5. Hello all, I am try to go through all 4 steps, but I stuck in step 2 SIMON account. what is SIMON account and how I can login into it? I've completed step 1 today, do I have to wait for an email from CCBC for login info?
  6. Would you please share with us when you got verified?
  7. If you don’t mind, would you please let us know when did you get verified?
  8. Does anybody else get the under review email?
  9. Thank you. I got that email yesterday too.
  10. Hi everyone, my application just was verified, does anyone know what is the next?
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