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  1. Same! I have an interview tomorrow @ 9am. Super Nervous ! Where are you coming from? Good Luck to you.
  2. I believe there is one more interview date for NUMC either October or November. I attended their open house and they did say that will be conducting one more interview for NUMC
  3. The supplemental is on CASPA. There are two forms to fill out.
  4. I applied towards the end of May..I was verified May 29th and still no word from the program
  5. Just schedule my interview for 10/16. Any tips/advice please let me know
  6. When did you submit your CASPA App?
  7. Received Interview Invite from the program. I have to call and schedule for an October date.
  8. Yup. I will most likely be attending that. What about you?
  9. same here. only applied to bayshore campus. I applied towards the end of may. best of luck to you.
  10. I just withdrew my application. I was offered acceptance from the 08/09 interview however realized this program wasn't the best fit for me personally. Hoping this will help someone. Good Luck to all !
  11. I was also verified 06/04. hoping to hear soon as well!
  12. Congrats on the interview. When did you submit your CASPA application for Hofstra?
  13. Hi I wanted to know if anyone here is getting interview invites from ONLY Touro Bayshore Campus! I know that Touro NUMC and Touro Manhattan is sending interviews but if anyone on here has only applied for Touro Bayshore? Please let me know! Thank you
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