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  1. I was invited for an interview however I declined since I got into my top program...best of luck to you!
  2. I paid over the phone. I called their registration office.
  3. I was put on an interview waitlist
  4. Was your interview on 11/21 morning or afternoon session
  5. Anyone from 11/21 afternoon session hear anything?
  6. I am thinking the same thing too. I think the committee might be the same for both bayshore and numc. still waiting to hear from touro bayshore. best of luck to you
  7. Declined my interview offer. Good Luck to all
  8. Congrats! Which Campus? Southampton or Stony Brook
  9. I think parking for visitors will be the hospital parking garage..and then you will use the main hospital doors to go down to HSC Center Level 2! I believe for the Health Science parking garage is for employees and not for the public! Hope this helps.
  10. I believe so. they are still interviewing applicants.
  11. Where else have you applied? You have really good stats! I am still waiting to hear from NYIT as well
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