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  1. Interviewed March 12 and received an acceptance today! So excited to be a part of the class of 2023! If you’ve been accepted as well please reach out! I’d love to get to know the class!
  2. Hi all! Just curious if anyone knew when final decision went outside or if there’s more interviews after March. I’m assuming I’m getting rejected because it’s been radio silence for me.
  3. I’m interviewing the 12th as well and was curious about the writing and group process!
  4. I didn’t get an email. What was the subject line? Now I’m getting nervous!
  5. It has been radio silence for me! I’m assuming the worst is to come based on the fact I submitted my application in May and have sent email updates, and still haven’t heard from them. I’ve been stalking this thread!
  6. Hi all! congrats to those who received an Interview invite! i received an interview invite 10/30 for 11/15 (submitted my apps back in May sometime). However I will be interviewing come spring. I’m getting surgery a few days before the scheduled interview so they allowed me to reschedule. Thank goodness! good luck to all can’t wait to hear how it went for the 11/15 group
  7. Waitlisted 10/2 interviewed 6/19. Does anyone know how the waitlist works? Do they hand out seats off of the waitlist in a certain order or fashion, if at all?
  8. Super congrats!! Do you mind sharing what the email subject line was?
  9. Has anyone from 6/16 interview heard yet?
  10. Haven’t heard back and I interviewed on 6/19
  11. Received interview waitlist today 6/24. Application received/completed 5/21
  12. Do you know the subject line of the email they sent(if they contacted you in that way)?
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