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  1. Thank you for your advice! That honestly helps so much to hear it put that way. It's just hard to move past something I was working towards for 2 years and I love the flexibility of PA! I might try to submit to my top 2-3 schools anyways while accepting nursing to see what happens.
  2. So I'm conflicted and need some advice. I'm debating between PA and NP and the different routes to get to where I want to go. For PA school: I believe I am an average applicant. I just graduated a highly rated 4 year university with a 3.4 in Biology, 500 CNA contact hours, and I am short a LOR from a PA. I want to be accepted for this coming cycle so I am behind on hitting that first submit button and I don't want to take more than one year off. Nursing School: I just got accepted to a good accelerated BSN program to start this fall! I am not sure how competitive NP school is or how long they like you to work as a nurse before you can apply. I enjoy working the hospital floor! But I don't think I want to be a nurse long term. I am considering a specialty in family practice or public health. Has anyone else gone through this struggle? Why did you pick the path you chose and which state do you live in?
  3. Hey guys, I've never posted here before and I know this is the middle of a hot debate but I need some advice and this thread is making me question a lot. I just got accepted to a good accelerated BSN program in state with hopes to go NP, but I also have all my pre requirements for PA applications this cycle and my apps are almost ready to turn in. Which route should I take NP or PA? Which is quicker/cheaper at this point? I have a decent shot of getting into a standard pa school and I don't particularly like the city the BSN program is located in but I already work as a CNA in a hospital and like the floor work as long as it's short term. I am also nervous for the gap year I would have to take if I do PA starting next summer but PA has always been my dream and I applied to the BSN program on a whim. I see myself working family practice or something with international public health.
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