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  1. Would also like to know this! Looking at last year's thread, they finished interviews in February but the waitlist email I got says they will finish interviews early December.
  2. Was the interview MMI style or individual? I've tried to look at past forums to see but didn't find a clear answer.
  3. Received my rejection as well. Had confirmation email on 05/27. Good luck!
  4. Also got a confirmation on 05/27 and have not yet heard anything! I'm still hoping!
  5. Did anyone who applied for the main campus get a specific date yet for an interview yet? I received a general invite back in May but haven't heard anything since.
  6. For anyone trying to submit requesting a waiver, the error message is fixed! I just submitted mine
  7. Oh thank god I was starting to stress about it!
  8. The same thing happened to me. They said they are working on fixing it!
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