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  1. I recently applied this cycle and unfortunately did not get accepted. When following up with my first choice program, I was surprised to learn that my science GPA was different than on CASPA by almost 0.2 points. I was wondering if anybody else has had this experience. I was surprised to find this out and am now looking at retaking some science classes.
  2. Hello! Unfortunately, I was not accepted to PA school my first go around. Therefore, I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on what to work on the next couple of months before I apply for the second time! My stats: 23 y/o Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science cGPA: 3.45 sGPA: 3.28 LOR: 2 from past professors, 1 from advisor, and 2 from PAs I shadowed Direct patient care hours: at time of first application I only had around 750 hours; I currently work as a rehab tech and plan to accrue around 2500 hours by next application Shadowing: 122 hours (specialties: orthopedics, otolaryngology, family medicine among others) I also included shadowing other professions from when I was still deciding between professions and had around 300 hours with physical therapists, dentists, and doctors (first shadowed a hip arthroscopy with an assisting PA that got me interested in profession!) Volunteering: over 1000 hours with different organizations Overall, I know that my direct patient care hours were my downfall for my first application. However, I'm starting to get a bit worried about my GPA (I don't wish to get a Master's degree in Public Health, etc). I'm planning on applying to in state programs as well as other private programs.
  3. Received my rejection letter today via email. Congrats to those who have already been accepted, and good luck to those who have interviewed!
  4. I was in your boat last year. About 800 hours of direct patient care, but had a good GPA and lots of shadowing hours. I’m currently either waitlisted or an alternate for an interview. I’ve been working full-time gaining more PCE hours since graduation. I’d be sure to look to see if the programs you are applying to have rolling or non-rolling admissions. My top choice school had an early admission date before I started working at my current job. Therefore, I wasn’t able to include it on my CASPA application. Unfortunately for me, the early application didn’t mean squat, and it ended up hurting me in the long run. PCE hours are a bigger factor than I previously thought so be sure to accrue as many as possible and list if you are currently working as well. I wish that I did. Best of luck to you!
  5. Has anybody from the alternate list, heard anything back yet? I’m thinking about contacting admissions next week to see if they’re planning anything.
  6. Has anybody heard anything about the alternate list for interviews? I listed Kearney as my preference and I know that the only interview date in Kearney is coming up soon. Does anybody know if they are going to potentially have another interview day? In an email, it said they'd make decisions by December 6th for interviews, but the last interview date is in late November. Getting anxious!
  7. For those who have interviewed, how many other interviewees were there for your day?
  8. Has anybody on the alternate list heard anything? I'm wondering if they have already started contacting people on the list or when they are planning to start.
  9. Called admissions and they said that they received over 550 applicants for this cycle (200 more than last cycle)!
  10. I did apply to other schools, however I have not heard back from any of them concerning an interview. My stats aren't amazing, so I did not expect to hear back from many out of state schools. I was confident about UNMC though as I am an in state resident and went to university in state as well.
  11. Yesterday, I received an update on my application to UNMC that I was placed on the alternative list for interviews. As a first time applicant who is also an in state resident, I was discouraged to hear this. Does anybody have any success stories concerning being an alternative for an interview and then ultimately getting accepted? I am trying to stay optimistic yet realistic. I accepted my place on the alternative list and have heard that some people have declined their option to interview already.
  12. Congrats to those who got an interview. To those who are alternates, like myself, good luck. For those with interviews, did they give you dates to sign up for? Seems like a lot of people are being waitlisted. Just wondering if they are giving out interviews in stages as I’m trying to stay optimistic.
  13. Following. Alternate for interview and am in state.
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