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  1. Is anyone still waiting to hear back that interviewed on 9/26?
  2. When do the first day of classes usually start?
  3. I got accepted today! which is strange I got a call on Sunday but it was a good surprise! Interview was on 7/18
  4. I think I am over thinking this but I know it really doesn’t matter the ranking of PA schools PA schools is difficult/competitive no matter what school just to get that out of the way first. But I was curious if there is a reason why I have received interview invitations at top/higher ranked schools and not lower ranked schools? I guess it is a pleasant surprise but the schools I have interviewed at I was a little surprised I got invited to the first round if interviews and the lower ranked schools I figured that would happen with but I see many of them have started interviews and I have yet to receive an invite..? Just wanted to see if anyone has any insight in this and again i know rank does not matter I was just curious and honored with the interviews I have received! Thanks!
  5. Did everyone get a secondary? I wasn't sent anything... and I applied in May
  6. Has anyone else who interviewed still waiting to hear back?
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