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  1. For those of you who have received an Interview, what does your GW login page look like? Mine just says 100% complete, “under review” and says my GRE scores were received. My gre scores don’t show up on CASPA though as in GW isn’t listed as a recipient?? But the GWU student portal says they’re good to go.
  2. Everything has been submitted, accepted, and is under review. Fees paid. I'm a first round applicant as well. Took the GRE once, I made a 311-80th percentile critical reading, 50th percentile qualitative, 98th percentile analytical writing... , cumulative overall undergrad GPA 3.72 graduated cum laude, BCP GPA is 3.56, Cumulative Science GPA is like a 3.70 I think... can't remember. I studied Food Science and Human Nutrition with minors in chemistry and biology. Just got my 2,000 direct paid patient care hours over the past year as a medical assistant. Fingers crossed. Worried a little bit about my GRE math but hoping the strength in my writing section outweighs the math a little bit.
  3. Does anyone know if there are any discrepancies in the standards they use to evaluate a traditional PA program app vs. the PA/MPH program? As in, would I be hurting my chances of being a PA student if I apply to the dual program since my application would have to go through both the PA admissions board and the PH admissions board vs. just the PA with the traditional route? Do they have different viewpoints towards students applying to the dual program vs. the traditional one in that they realize it's more difficult to do a double masters so they look at the app a little more softly? Or that they have to be a bit more selective picking the perfect PA class for the traditional route since there is probably a larger number of applicants for the traditional program? Any tips/thoughts/previous experiences, anyone?
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