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  1. Hey everyone. Just had a quick question/thought. I know we get 45 minutes total, in terms of scheduled break time for the PANCE. For those who have taken it, is there a specific way of how you would recommend to take the breaks?
  2. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask or not, but during my studies in PA school we ran into things like schistosomiasis. As I'm preparing to take the PANCE soon, does the 2019 blueprint mean those are the only possible topics we could be tested on? Because there is a heading of "Parasitic Diseases" on the blueprint, and schistosomiasis doesn't fall under any of that. I guess my question is, if something( whatever it may be) is not listed there, then is it safe to say that it won't be on the exam? I've attached a screenshot of the portion of the blueprint I am referring to as well as the link to the blueprint from the NCCPA. https://prodcmsstoragesa.blob.core.windows.net/uploads/files/PANCEBlueprint.pdf
  3. Thanks for sharing, you most likely are talking about the new PANCE, anything you saw the first time around that you really wished you focused on more?
  4. Looking to buy Hippo PANCE/PANRE review. Direct message me so we can further discuss it. Thanks!
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