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  1. I’m at 6pm! I wonder what questions they will ask and what all we will be doing and how many of us will be in each interview!
  2. What time is your interview on the 22nd? That’s the same day mine is!
  3. Hey Lauren! I think I also received an invitation for an interview back in august but I didn't know if it was sent out to all that applied but I was curious what your email said!
  4. so what did you put for the hours? I didnt know if I should combine my 1 hour lab credit with all of my classes or I should just put 3 hours which is what you receive if you just took the class and not the lab.
  5. Bummer!! How are they going to know what our lab grades are and I hope they factor that into the GPA they are going to calculate for our prerequisites! All of my labs were separate grades.
  6. Does anyone know how to properly document your prerequisite classes that you took labs in? When you provide all of your information about the class you took and select your grade you received it allows you to state if you took a lab with it, but when you click "Yes" it does not give you an option to indicate what letter grade you received within the lab. I don't know how to state what lab grades I received in almost all of the prerequisite classes. Also with the medical terminology class I took that at the university I went to and received a letter grade not a certificate, so when it ask if the class is certified and I select "Yes" it asks for a pdf file of the certificate and not what grade I received. Any suggestions on how to document all of this in the supplemental would be amazing!
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