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  1. Hey everyone, I am putting together my application for the upcoming cycle. I am at the part where I am inputting my transcript and can't figure out how to classify some courses taken as part of my Health Sciences major which kind of 'umbrellas' subjects under health care. The course in question is: Marketing in Healthcare. My dilemma is classifying this under either: Health Science Marketing Health Science Administration Please help
  2. Hey @Hlong24 idk where you’re located but I work at an urgent care in NYC where the MAs do work a variety of shifts of either 6/9/12 hours
  3. 1st gen. American born and college grad here of Dominican parents. It’s wonderful to see the landscape of healthcare provider hopefuls have a sprinkle and a dash of diversity. If there’s something that definitely saddens me is seeing class photos for some programs with a lack of faces that tell stories like ours. Definitely a motivator. #SiSePuede
  4. Idk, other than drawing blood, the medical scribes at my job do just as much or more than the MAs. If anything, the MAs are left with grunt work half of the times (stocking, cleaning, etc).0 Ofcourse, every state/setting has its own scope of practice for those positions so maybe in TX, there are no scribing positions like the one I’m in which render MA as the only viable choice. I’m a medical scribe in NYC and I can say my job has been such a great liaison into hands on medical practice. I take vitals, document HPI/Med hx/ROS, perform CLIA waives rapid tests (strep, mono, flu, UA, UCG), p
  5. Either way, regardless of setting, it’s nice to know they experience will not go in vain! Many of my scribe peers that went on to their respective programs [PA/MD/DO/RN/NP] come back and talk about how they had the upper hand because of the scribing experience.
  6. This is really great, positive reinforcement to this journey of mine! I do think it will be at a loss of schools not accepting students with this kind of experience - I know the scope of the Scribe is very limited depending on the company and setting but when you really outline your duties as a scribe at some places, there is a lot of direct patient contact going on. At my job, sometimes we spend more time with the patients than the physicians themselves!
  7. That's awesome! Congrats. Which location were you from?
  8. @Rodzm Glad you did not give up. How long ago was it since your first application cycle and since your last cycle?
  9. Wanted to talk a little about this form of experience as a Pre-PA. I am an Urgent Care Medical Scribe in NYC for City MD - this position offers such an incredible stepping stone and learning environment which was enough to have me go back to school in hopes of becoming a PA. The title itself is unique but City MD really took it a step further with the clinical exposure of scribes. When I first joined 5 years ago and before wanting to be a PA, the position had only been given to FMGs awaiting residency. As the company grew, it’s now become a coveted position in NYC for health profession h
  10. Ahh ok! Thank you for this info. This corroborates what i thought would be the answer, Based on what I’ve read about the application process.
  11. I have only glanced at the CASPA application(S) once or twice over given where I am in my process so I am unsure of the answer to this: does CASPA allow of submission of LOR from specific people to specific programs OR does it just give you a specific amount of LORs that you should submit for reviewing of all programs? Asking this because I have 3-10 physicians whom would like to submit letters for me specifically because they are alumni of the program(s). I know a LOR, from alumni or not, is looked at for the specific recommendation of these persons of you as a candidate for these
  12. Any practice test? Are there specific companies/websites advised? And how long did it take to study, for those who have already taken it?
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