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  1. Hey everyone. I was accepted into my top choice and so I gave up my interview spot today. I really hope that opens up a spot for someone! I wish you guys luck and hope the interview is awesome.
  2. Hi everyone!! I was just accepted and I am SO excited. I was wondering... - Does anyone know if there is a Facebook page for the class yet? -Is anyone looking for roommates? I will be relocating from Jacksonville, FL.
  3. Congratulations!! I just got the acceptance call and email too! I think I interviewed with you! So, so, so excited.
  4. Hey! This is my top choice and I interviewed 10/9... just received a letter that I am an alternate candidate. Does anyone know what this means or what my chances are? Super worried because it is still very early in the cycle.
  5. I'm interviewing that day and time as well! So excited to meet you and learn about the program.
  6. I interview tomorrow. Does anyone know how it is structured? So excited!
  7. Guys, help me out. I interview October 17-18. This is my first choice. How long after the interview did ya'll hear back?
  8. Same boat here.. I’d have to get a plane ticket on real short notice
  9. Sure! cGPA: 3.58 sGPA: 3.4 Volunteer: 3,000 hours PCE: 1,500 hours My GRE was only 300
  10. Just got an interview invite for 10/17-10/18. I can’t remember when I was verified but it was sometime in July.
  11. I’m interviewing October 9th in the morning!! Let me know if anyone wants to meet up.
  12. Gotcha! Thanks so much for that- I did pay the $30, I was just confused. Good luck on your interview!!
  13. Did you do their supplemental? I saw on their page it was required but I never got a link to it.
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