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  1. Hey guys I just cancelled my interview date (Nov 20th). Hopefully someone on the interview wait-list can sign up for that spot. Best of luck everyone!!
  2. I just declined my acceptance offer. I interviewed 10/18, hopefully this gives someone else an opportunity!
  3. Got my call of acceptance earlier today!!! I interviewed back in July...so excited!!!!
  4. Hi @caralavecch I applied back in May and didn't hear back from them up until a couple weeks ago. In the email I received today, they said a spot opened up and I was next on the list for an interview!
  5. I received an interview invite email this morning for Nov 18th, but declined this offer. I hope this gives someone else an opportunity to interview at this school! Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Hi all, I submitted my application May 17th and just received an email invite to interview 11/15. I will be declining it so hopefully this gives someone else a chance! Best of luck everyone!
  7. i also received an acceptance email today!!!! I interviewed on 10/18
  8. Congrats to everyone with acceptances! I got pulled off the waitlist from 06/24 interview last night but declined the acceptance offer so hopefully this gives someone else an opportunity!!! Best of luck!
  9. Just received an interview invite as well! super excited as I am from the Boston area!!
  10. @cindyegomes That is amazing!!!!! So happy for you, best of luck in your studies!
  11. For those who interviewed on 09/06, did they say how long it would take to hear back?
  12. @ChristineAndersonPrePA Hi! Thank you! I submitted May 17th and was verified May 20th. Stats at time of submission: cGPA 3.48 sGPA 3.41 volunteer hours: 148 (Worked with under-served families, tutored children in variety of school subjects. I also went on a medical mission trip to Peru where I worked with under-served families) PA shadowing hours: 21 (PA in an orthopedics department) PCE Hours: ~6,500 ( I worked as an EMT-B for about two years and then transitioned to an urgent care setting where I have been working as an urgent care tech for the last 2 1/2 years) The interview was very laid back and included the formal interview, campus tour, program presentation, Q&A session with current students, and a writing sample.
  13. I sent an email today declining my interview invite for Sept 17th as I have gained acceptance at the TJU New Jersey campus! Hopefully this will give someone else an opportunity. Best of luck everyone!
  14. Hi all! Congrats to those with acceptance offers and best of luck to those still waiting. Remain confident! I received my acceptance offer via email this morning from the Aug. 15 interview! Sooooo excited!!!!
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