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  1. Just gave up my interview seat on 10/14 because I got accepted to my #1 choice. Hope this gives someone else the opportunity to interview! Good luck to all!
  2. Just received my acceptance call from the Sept 21st PM session! Could not be more excited!
  3. Yep! If we weren’t nervous, I think that would be concerning best of luck to all of us!
  4. Just got an interview invite as well! I chose 10/14. Good luck all!
  5. I just got mine today! I live on Long Island for reference in terms of mail.
  6. I was verified on 7/2, received the invite 8/2. 322 GRE, 5 writing 3.95 GPA, 3.94 sGPA 0 shadowing 1000+ PCE at time of application in EMS, some paid some volunteer, amassed 360 more since application ~100 non healthcare volunteering
  7. Interviewed 8/9, accepted today!
  8. Does anyone know the interview style this cycle? Interviewing 8/9!
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