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  1. I also received an interview invite at South College-Knoxville for 3/13. However, I have been accepted to my first choice so will not attend. I hope that helps someone out! Good luck!
  2. Just received email that my application was sent to 2nd level of review. I have already accepted a spot to my top choice but thought I would let others know there is still hope!
  3. Received an interview invite for Miami campus but declining since I already accepted a seat at my top choice. Good luck to those still waiting!
  4. I just received an invite to interview but declined because I have already been accepted to my top choice! Hope this opens it up for someone else.
  5. I interviewed with Professor Sreniawski Monday afternoon and received my acceptance call from him this morning! Best of Luck to all!!
  6. I got my acceptance call!!!!!! I am so happy! IU is an amazing program and can not wait to meet all my classmates!
  7. Yes, me too. Quite disheartening since I interviewed back in June and rather than pull from the waitlist seems like they keep scheduling more interview sessions.
  8. Has anyone that was placed on the waitlist been accepted?
  9. Does anyone know if they are still interviewing? I have not heard anything yet and verified end of May.
  10. Same here. Applied end of May and have not heard anything yet.
  11. I had 2 gentlemen who I thought were very nice and relaxed and I thought they interviewed everyone.
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