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  1. Anyone familiar with the best states/cities for physician assistants? How does Tennessee compare to California? Any links would be great!
  2. I am going to go with school A. California just passed sb 697, some favorable legislation for PA’s in CA. I just can’t justify spending 50 k more on a school B when school A had a 100% pance pass rate. I could tell the professors at school B really cared. What I read online, schools with fancy cadaveric dissections weren’t always worth paying the extra money.
  3. Yes I believe I will be attending another program based off UAB’s cost. It’s too expensive for me. Still contemplating but will more than likely be offering my spot up. It’s also more around 150k for out of state ...
  4. My bad didnt mean to come off short, i was at work. Just be yourself and write honestly and you should do great.
  5. Will any out of state students who attend UAB who did not qualify for ACM share how they payed for the program. I would appreciate the help with this process.
  6. Anyone know how much the program is for out of staters? My calculations have it at $156,745. Im from California so I don’t qualify for in state tuition. Anyone aware of any special forms of finical aid that uab offers?
  7. If someone could point me in the right direction for applying for scholarships and grants before pa school that would be great. If there are previous links or topics that exist that you could link me in, it would be appreciated
  8. School A is about 1 hour from school and in my opinion based on the freeways I between , not possible to commute. It is really just nice for a support system which in all honesty I don’t really value that much. Ya I know but it’s true. School B also has a live pig dissection for practice with surgical education. They also have 4 electives . I’m 50/50 torn rn
  9. did anyone interview from out of state? Does the cost of the program concern you? Thanks
  10. So im in a similar situation. The "better" school cost about 40K more but will allow 4 surgical rotations and is highly focused on creating surgical PA's. This is what I am primarily focused on. Do you think it is worth it. Both schools will prepare me to pass the pance
  11. Hello everyone, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to two PA programs. I know there are other topics about this but I was hoping you all could help me out a little, besides what else is a forum like this for? Pros School A- Close to home ~97k tuition, cheap cost of living 100% Pance Pass Rate Staff seems qualified and genuinely interested in helping their students. Positive reviews from students that i have reached out to I would like to work in the same state as school A Cons School A Brand New program, started in 2016 .... provisional status Only one elective No way to know forsure how well established their clinical rotations are. Students have postive things to say Pros school B Program very well established, 40+ years Program has their own hospital system, all clinical rotations are essentially guaranteed to be well established. Focus heavily or surgery which is what I am passionate about Cheap cost of living Cons school B Tuition ~140k Out of state, I am excited about the move though Live cadaveric dissection Overall both programs will prepare me well for the pance. Is a slightly better education with better rotations really worth 40K...
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