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  1. Waitlisted! Interviewed in December. Congrats to those who got in:)
  2. this is exactly what i wanted to hear! do you mind if i DM for a few other questions?
  3. For those of you who were accepted, how are your rotations going?
  4. also ... GPA- 3.9 HCE 2000 hours around time of submitting application
  5. I am in the same boat as you! I was accepted in to 6 programs and honestly never even considered lipscomb. The staff is what was my selling point and the simulation + anatomy lab were also nice. My only concern is the new clinical rotations. Would you attend if you were accepted? Im also slightly concerned about a saturated ACP market in Nashville following graduation, but we can deal with that once we get there.
  6. Anyone familiar with the best states/cities for physician assistants? How does Tennessee compare to California? Any links would be great!
  7. Yes I believe I will be attending another program based off UAB’s cost. It’s too expensive for me. Still contemplating but will more than likely be offering my spot up. It’s also more around 150k for out of state ...
  8. My bad didnt mean to come off short, i was at work. Just be yourself and write honestly and you should do great.
  9. Will any out of state students who attend UAB who did not qualify for ACM share how they payed for the program. I would appreciate the help with this process.
  10. Anyone know how much the program is for out of staters? My calculations have it at $156,745. Im from California so I don’t qualify for in state tuition. Anyone aware of any special forms of finical aid that uab offers?
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