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  1. I received a general email last week stating that they decided to not give out quartiles and if a spot opens up they will review the list--similar to your news.
  2. I emailed Rush maybe a week ago and they said that they were still compiling results of the last interview and then still needed to reevaluate the waitlist. When they had this accomplished they would email in which quartile we were placed. Waiting is never easy.
  3. I received my denial today. Sad, because it was a great program, but thankful for the waiting to stop. I also am accepted to another school thankfully. Good luck everyone!
  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting! It is a great program. I agree with the others--hopefully we will all hear soon. I hope soon :)!
  5. I just gave up my seat to St. Petersburg, so that will give another person an opportunity. The faculty was wonderful, but was accepted to a school closer to home. Good luck everyone!
  6. I also received an acceptance email this morning! So excited and thankful! I interviewed November 15th and was so impressed by faculty and the whole program. Look forward to meeting you all!
  7. I am accepted to the St. Petersburg campus! Anxious to hear who else is! Congratulations to everyone!
  8. I interviewed at St. Petersburg on 10/18 and also received an acceptance via email also!
  9. Congratulations you two! I interviewed on 11/8 and was waitlisted. I still have hope :)!
  10. Congratulations! I am looking forward to my interview tomorrow!
  11. How many applicants interview on a given day?
  12. I think sometime in late August--well before the deadline. Good luck!
  13. I just received an interview invite for November 8th but needed to reschedule for November 15th. So excited for the opportunity!
  14. I also got this email. So I guess it is just a wait and see if anyone backs out of their interview invite. You never know...keep hoping!
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